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Sue loves to feel the interrelatedness
of people and objects

Sue Caldwell practised Shiatsu and studied the theories of oriental medicine before becoming a Feng Shui Consultant.
She also worked as a therapist for many years and appreciates how growth and change is a personal process to bring about a fulfilling life. Feng Shui is one of many areas to consider for improving the quality in our life.

The interrelatedness of people and objects comes to the fore in Feng Shui. 'Things' have an important part to play, inanimate objects may appear more 'alive' and there is the potential for a greater sensitivity to our surroundings from own homes to our earth.  

Every Living Being has the Instinct and Destiny of Eternal Divine Life. This is a quote from of Adi Da Samraj. As a devotee, Sue is eternally grateful for this relationship. 

Sue loves to feel the interrelatedness of people and objects, the potential inherent around us, when we are open enough to receive and the participation of a client’s involvement in the process of change. 

Sue currently owns Lakshmi's Circle, a gift shop in Kyneton, Victoria, where 'things' are many and varied, but include Feng Shui talismans. If you are not able to travel to the lovely town of Kyneton, products can also be located online (link to



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