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A consultation can help by
  • Ensuring you receive the beneficial influences needed for your business
  • Keeping the balance when you work from home
  • Making the most of the auspicious energies
  • Renovating to your best advantage
  • Using colours to help the harmony
  • Enhancing your health and general peace of mind
  • Purchasing a property that will suit your needs
  • Selling a property
  • Improving relations with those around you

A consultation may include the following:
  • Assessing a site for buying
  • Helping with design and renovations
  • Determining auspicious areas according to the horoscope of the building
  • Dowsing geopathic stress and clearing subtle energies
  • Recommendations for action needed
  • Checking electromagnetic fields
  • A written report


Procedure for a consultation

Feng Shui Conscious Environment offers a comprehensive package covering the environmental influences, which affect your particular circumstance.

The building orientation, the people, the dynamics of energies and the relationship between all these factors are all considered in order to bring about more harmony and to increase your potential.

Once the calculations are placed over an accurate floor plan, we can assess where there is a clash or dominant element and how the elements affect us.

We can encourage prosperity, reduce stress and develop our pursuits because there is less restraint to deal with.

An accurate floor plan and the age of the building are required in order to assess in detail, but please enquire further, if this information is not readily available.


Feng Shui Conscious Environment offers an economical package, however, the fee depends upon the size and complication of the area assessed and treated.


To receive further information or to make an appointment for a consultation call Sue Caldwell
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