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In addition to noticing the shapes around us, there are the unseen energies of the earth's imbalances. By dowsing these stress fields, imbalances can be regulated. Sue finds the Geomancy aspect is crucial when dealing with health issues.

Earth imbalances can bring about health issues or make underlying issues worse. Even unseen subtle energies that include the effect of past events and 'ghosts' can contribute to feelings of un-wellness.

Feng Shui Conscious Environment considers the use of dowsing and clearing as invaluable in looking at the whole picture of what influences your circumstances, as then we are balancing both earthly and heavenly energies.  Have you tried the following?

Some Practical Suggestions

Look to see if you have protection at the back of your house. If you feel a little vulnerable, the Tortoise, one of the four Celestial Animals, traditionally provides protection if you do not have the ‘recommended’ hill out the back. Place a symbolic turtle or add some garden feature, such as a clump of rocks, that gives this sense of support.

When the front and back doors are in line, notice the energy flow with both doors open or a clear view down the passageway. Then place a few objects along the corridor or hang something to slow down the flow and feel the difference.

Sit with your back to the door, then try facing the door. Seeing who comes in is placing yourself in the best position of all, regardless of your favourable directions.

Re-arrange your office, buy something outrageously out of character, clean up the closet and take note of how you feel afterwards.

When we give attention to our house and working environment, it returns us the respite and refreshment we need.


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