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Feng Shui


Improve your environment

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Feng Shui
is about noticing your environment, becoming sensitized to how important it is to ensure your sense of being connected and supported by life.
It presents an opportunity to be aware of all our surroundings and to embrace what is visible and not so tangible.

By creatively acknowledging everything within a home or office, town or country, our living and working environment becomes more alive and interesting to us.

An ancient art, Feng Shui is based upon fundamental principles of all Chinese natural sciences.

Moving and nourishing the chi or life force, is a goal of Chinese Medicine in order to maintain good health. Likewise a harmonious environment revitalizes us if the energy flows easily through our building.


We instinctively understand some examples of Feng Shui a desk piled high with papers might contribute to feeling the work is never ending, whereas after a clean up, a tidy desk may give you back a sense of control.

Or walking past a shop window where dust has collected we are not enticed in by the display there is no active chi that attracts us.

There are also more complicated calculations that a consultant relies upon to determine the action needed to improve a client’s circumstances. These are based upon a very accurate compass reading and the age of the building and are known as the ‘Flying Stars’.

So there is the ‘tuning in’ to our environment, which we do all of the time and which produces intuitive responses and commonsense actions. And there are the complex formulations based upon particular laws of energy.

How does our environment affect us?

In our current western age of increasing pollution and high technology, we can readily point to adverse environmental factors, which increase the stress levels in our bodies. But Feng Shui is an ancient art.

Many cultures engaged practices to ensure their environment was honoured and took measures to harmonise their natural surrounds.


So there is our climate and geographic terrain in which we happen to live and there are the influences of the cities in which most of us live.

Considering the roads, mountains, trees, buildings, rivers and generally what is around you is known as the Form School. These surrounds impact upon us all of the time.




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